About us

We love building digital products.
Grape Solutions Hungary was founded in 2006. We are a company of 150+ technical professionals who strive to create high-quality & customized software solutions to empower our clients. Our mission is to help customers digitalize their business processes and help them to get more productive and competitive in the business field they wish to be the best. The benchmark for our success is your success. Let us create something great together.

Our expertise

Over the years we have prepared several software solutions for various industry needs, based on our comprehensive understanding of enterprise requirements. Our solutions include predeveloped functionalities with integration capabilities and future development opportunities.
Let us provide the software products you need and overcome the technology challenges together.

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Our team

At Grape, we constantly keep on learning because knowledge is one of the most important assets, the other one is the individual. Each and every one of our employees represents an essential piece of the Grape machine.

Love building digital products?
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