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Developments for 'Golden Barrel' award-winner reporting system for MOL Group continues in 2022 Q3

MOL Group and Grape Solutions celebrate eight years of collaboration with RepSy (Reporting System), a cutting-edge decision support platform, developed exclusively for MOL to solve complex supply chain planning problems affecting the MOL Group's refineries and petrochemical plants. Developments started in 2014, and since then, with minor improvements, the architecture still fully satisfies the data processing and visual reporting needs of supply chain managers at MOL.

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Grape Solutions wins tender for managing the Hungarian National Bank's Javascript-based systems

Grape Solutions won the tender for managing Javascript-based systems, called by the Hungarian National Bank in December 2021, Public Procurement Authority announced. The contract records a five-year operational partnership.

Grape Solutions and Egetd are partnering to accelerate e-mobility developments in Egypt

Grape Solutions Plc., leading software development enterprise headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, announces a new strategic partnership with Egetd, leading electronics manufacturing enterprise headquartered in Cairo, Egypt.



“Grape Solutions contributed to the continuous development of our company by providing experienced, enthusiastic and creative developers into our team. Colleagues from Grape can easily adapt to our special needs; we can always count on their efficient solutions and work of high quality.”

Dániel Győrfi

Wizz Air

Web Systems Manager

“Grape has always delivered as per our expectations. We have been working together in a trustful collaboration mode, and have appreciated the quality of the skillsets provided, and the work performed.”
Vijay Srinivasan

Cambridge Technology Partners

CEO and Managing Director

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